Training and Procurement

Okanagan Nation Alliance and BC Hydro are building on the commitments in an Enduring Relationship Agreement and developing an Enduring Relationship Implementation Plan. One key area of focus in the implementation Plan is Employment & Training, enhancing procurement and business opportunities. Okanagan Nation Alliance and BC Hydro are working together to develop a regional and Nation-specific employment, education and training strategy and course opportunities that aligns with BC Hydro’s long-term labor and procurement opportunities linked to their capital projects and maintenance programs.

The West Kelowna Transmission Line Project (WKTP) is a new redundant power transmission line from Westbank to the broader provincial electrical grid. .  Under Westbank First Nation’s lead, Okanagan Indian Band, Upper Nicola Band and the Okanagan Nation Alliance have established a Project Review reporting the EEC  to review the impacts and opportunities assocauited with the line.

The PRC works collaboratively with BC Hydro on the project including creating training programs and a formal career development opportunity for an Okanagan Nation member to become a part of the Project team as a junior Construction Officer. This position will provide excellent training and developmental potential for an Okanagan Nation member who is interested in pursuing a career in the area of construction management.

The West Kelowna Transmission Project is in the early planning stage for a new, secondary transmission line delivering clean, reliable power to the communities of West Kelowna and Peachland.

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For further financial opportunities to support education, apply for a BC Hydro Aboriginal Scholarship & Bursary by May 15, 2017:

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