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Fisheries and Aquatics









The goal and mandate of the ONA Fisheries Department (ONAFD) is:  

 The conservation, protection, restoration, and enhancement of indigenous fisheries (anadromous and resident) and aquatic resources within Okanagan Nation Territory.

Okanagan Nation Alliance plays a major role in the Okanagan Territory in the management of fisheries and aquatic resources.

The Okanagan Nation Territory includes the following watersheds: Okanagan Basin, the Similkameen Basin, and the Kettle Basin, as well as parts of the Columbia Basin (Columbia River and Arrow Lakes) and Thompson Basin (Shuswap River and Salmon River). The ONAFD works to provide technical fisheries assistance for the Nation and it’s eight member communities ands and acts as a liaison with federal and provincial fisheries agencies.

The ONAFD has been actively involved in the conservation, protection, restoration, and enhancement of the Okanagan River salmon stocks. The Okanagan River sockeye population is one of only two remaining populations of sockeye salmon in the international Columbia River Basin. Historically, Chinook, coho, chum and steelhead were also indigenous salmon species in the Okanagan Basin, but today they are either extinct or found in very low numbers. Construction of dams, channelization, urban encroachment, water management practices and predation have all contributed to depletion and extinction of salmon stocks within the Okanagan River basin.

For More Information Contact:

Howie Wright ONA Fisheries Program Manager

Tel: 250-707-0095 ext 104 

 Email: hwright@syilx.org