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Natural Resources/Land Use

The ONA is developing innovative processes, mechanisms and tools to empower the Syilx Voice in Land and Resource Management

The [Federal] Government will not succeed in their ongoing attempts to ignore, vilify and/or diminish our Aboriginal Title, Rights and Treaty Rights. Our communities are not mere stakeholders to a resource…. We are stewards of our lands and waters. Generation after generation, our communities flourished from the abundance of our territories. Any attempt to dispense of our interests will be vigorously challenged”                                       2011 Statement by Grand Chief Stewart Phillip


The Five Key Processes

In order for the ONA to be more successful at making decisions that best reflect the desires of the Okanagan Nation and effectively protect title and rights, the Natural Resources Department (NRD) has developed the concept of Five Key Processes which are interconnected and implemented together.

 The Five Key Processes are:

  1. Land Use Vision: Based on communities’ perspectives and values
  2. Natural Resource Committee: represented by 8 member communities
  3. Inter-Band Protocol: establishing protocols of cooperation
  4.  Land Information Systems: the central hub of technology services to the bands:
    • ONA Decision Support System – a tool for referrals response and land use decision making
    • Web Atlas – a tool that presents information about land and resources
  5. Comprehensive Research – utilizing best practices in research to produce

Each process is part of a continuum and that they can work together but that they can also be viewed, understood and worked on separately. When all processes are functioning and effective, then a comprehensive set of solutions, tools and processes can function together to protect title and rights and enhance the capacity to seize opportunities, promote knowledge and support negotiations