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Wellness Committee

Since the inception of the Okanagan Nation Alliance the Health and Social Development workers from the member bands met ad hoc to provide technical support and direction to the ONA staff and Chiefs Executive Council.

On September 27, 2007, the ONA Chiefs Executive Council passed a Tribal Council Resolution (TCR) to establish a Wellness Committee.   This is a technical committee with a mandate to provide information and direction to the CEC, so that the Council can advocate for collective, equitable and quality health and social services. Terms of Reference were accepted by the Chiefs Executive Council

The ONA Wellness Committee consists of two representatives from each of the seven member Bands, one from Health and one from Social Development.  As representatives, these individuals are dedicated to the wellness of the, the community and the health of the Nation.  The committee members bring to the table numerous years of diverse practical and operational experience and learning, as well as an understanding of local issues.  They have a strong commitment to this work at the Nation level, as it enhances services within their communities and provides them with an opportunity to collaborate on initiatives that will benefit all member communities as well as the Nation.  Collectively they can respond to, and influence changes in, Provincial and Federal policy and programs.

To support a holistic approach to Health and Social Development which will promote self-sufficient Okanagan Nation communities by integrating our traditional and cultural approaches to community wellness.