Okanagan Nation Response Team

The Okanagan Nation Response Team, Sәx kәnxit әlx “Those Who Help” is a team of community members who have received extensive training in the areas of suicide education, community mobilization, and critical incident response.

ONRT has a Team Lead at the ONA that supports the ONRT members in each community to respond to crisis. In addition the Lead assists communities to develop strategies to prevent youth from engaging in self-harming behaviours. The team is comprised of 14 community members from the member communities trained in responding to community crisis. They receive training at least twice a year to enhance their skills to better serve the communities they respond to.

When is ONRT called in?

ONRT is called in when a crisis occurs in an Okanagan community that affects youth. It can be incidents involving violence, traumatic accidents, completed suicides or suicide attempts.

How do you access support from ONRT?

ONRT support is accessed through your local Band office, usually the Band Chief and Council, Band Manager, Health Director, or Social Workers. If you have any questions contact the ONRT Team Lead.

How does ONRT support community?

The ONRT Team Lead supports the ONRT members in each community to respond to crisis. ONRT members provide education on suicide awareness, depression, self-harm, grief and lateral violence to any of the member communities. As part of educating youth ONRT also provides prevention training to the R’Native Voice program.

How do you become a part of the team?

Each community has two representatives that are selected by either the health or social department or Chief and Council. Once this occurs the new members are oriented and training is provided by the ONRT Team Lead.