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ONA Member Bands

The eight member communities of the Okanagan Nation Alliance are from North to South Upper Nicola Band, Okanagan Indian Band, Westbank First Nation, Penticton Indian Band, Upper Similkameen Indian Band Lower Similkameen Indian Band, Osoyoos Indian Band, and Colville Confederated Tribes



“The people of Upper Nicola, with unity and respect of our traditional values, are creating the environment that promotes a higher quality of life for all; through responsibility, accountability, social health, education and economic development”.

The Upper Nicola Band (UNB) is located 35 km east of Merritt and 67 km south of Kamloops, British Columbia. The UNB has eight reserves (1600 hectares, numbered 1 through 8, which are located in the surrounding area of Quilchena (Nicola Lake) and Spaxomin (Douglas Lake).

Chief Harvey McLeod
Councilor George Saddleman
Councilor David L. Lindley
Councilor Dennis MacDonald
Councilor Brian Holmes
Councilor Wallace Michel

For more information contact:
PO Box 3700
Merritt, BC V1K 1B8
T: 250.350.3342
F: 250.350.3311


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“Ensuring the Future through Cultural, Social, and Economic Development”.

The Okanagan Indian Band is located at the head of Okanagan Lake, with a land base of 11,282.5 hectares. OKIB is made up of six reserves and spread from Armstrong to Winfield and Westside of Okanagan Lake.

Chief Byron Louis

Councilor Homer Alexis
Councilor Barbara (June) Cole
Councilor Lyle Brewer
Councilor Russell Williams
Councilor Allan Louis
Councilor Coola Louis
Councilor Diane Louis
Councilor Raymond Marchand
Councilor Leland Wilson
Councilor Tim Issac


For more information contact:
12420 Westside Road
Vernon, BC V1H 2A4
T: 250.542.4328 or Toll-free: 1.866.542.4328
F: 250.542.4990


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“To provide and develop local community governmental services in the most efficient and effective manner for the overall betterment of the Band membership and the community”.

The Westbank First Nation comprises five reserves totaling 2,161 Hectares (5,306 acres). The two populated reserves, Tsinstikeptum Reserves 9 and 10, border Okanagan Lake and are in close proximity to the City of West Kelowna, one of the fastest growing cities in British Columbia. The remaining three reserve areas are located on the east side of Okanagan Lake in the Kelowna area and lie in generally unpopulated areas.

Chief Roxanne Lindley
Councilor Tom Konek
Councilor Chris Derickson
Councilor Fernanda Alexander
Councilor Brian Eli

For more information contact:
301-515 Hwy 97 South
Kelowna, BC V1Z 3J2
T: 250.769.4999
F: 250.769.2443


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“The Penticton Indian Band reinforces and stands by the Okanagan Nation Declaration”.

The Penticton Indian Band (PIB) comprises 3 reserves with a 19,436 hectare land base and is located four kilometres from the Penticton City limits. Geographically PIB has the  largest land base and is bordered to the north by the city of Summerland, to the west by the City of Penticton and to the South and West by Highway 97.

Chief Chad Eneas 
Councilor Elliott Tonasket
Councilor Denise Lecoy
Councilor Suzanne Johnson
Councilor Naomi Gabriel
Councilor Timmothy Lezard
Councilor Clint George
Councilor Joseph Pierre
Councilor Jonathan Kruger

For more information contact:
200 Westhills Drive RR#2 Site 80 Comp 19
Penticton, BC V2A 6J7
T: 250.493.0048 or Toll free: 1.877.493.0048
F: 250.493.2882


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“Preserving our past by Strengthening our Future”.

The Osoyoos Indian Band is located in the Southern part of of the Okanagan Valley, between the towns of Oliver and Osoyoos and covers 13,045 hectares of land base.

Chief Clarence Louie
Councilor  Sammy Jo Louie

Councilor Theresa Gabriel
Councilor Yvonne Weinert
Councilor Veronica McGinnis                                                                                     Councilor Leona Baptiste

For more information contact:
RR#3 S-25 C-1
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0
T: 250.498.3444 or Toll free: 1.888.498.3444
F: 250.498.6577


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“We the Sovereign and respected Smalqmix of the Sukwnaqin-x are committed to preserve our Land, History, Language, Culture and Traditions, to enhance the quality of life for ourselves and future generations”.

The Lower Similkameen Indian Band (LSIB) is a small, geographically isolated community in the Similkameen Valley, located in the South Okanagan. The Lower Similkameen Indian Reserve covers 15,276.4 hectares and services a total of 11 reserves, divided into pockets of land stretching over 90 kilometers. View map

Chief Keith Crow
Councilor Theresa Snow
Councilor Galen Illerbrun
Councilor Eliza  Terbasket

For more information contact:
1420 Hwy 3, Cawston, BC
Mailing Address:
PO Box 100, Keremeos, BC V0X IN0
T: 250.499.5528
F: 250.499.5538


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The Upper Similkameen Indian Band (USIB) is located from Hedley to Princeton and begins 30 kilometres west of Keremeos in the Similkameen District. USIB has the smallest population with approximately 74 members. The USIB has a land base of 2,708.5 hectares and seven reserves, with the main community residing on Chuchuwaya I.R. No.2, on the Similkameen River.

Chief Rick Holmes 
Councilor Carmelletta Holmes
Councilor Sally Holmes

For more information contact:
Mascot Mines Heritage Builiding
Mailing Address:
PO Box 220, Hedley, BC V0X 1K0
T: 250.292.8733
F: 250.292.8753

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The Colville Indian Reservation covers 2100 square kilometers located in North Central Washington.

Michael Marchand 
Business Council Chairman, Omak District

Mel Tonasket
Vice-Chairman, Omak District

Jack Ferguson, Keller District
Andrew Joseph Jr., Nespelem District
Ricky Gabriel, Nespelem District
Joseph Somday, Keller District
William Nicholson II, Nespelem District
Michael Marchand, Omak District
Nancy Johnson, Nespelem District
Richard Tonasket, Omak District
Edwin Marchand, Omak District
Marvin Kheel,  Inchelium District
Stevey Bililly, Inchelium District
Allen Charlie Hammond, Inchelium District

For more information contact:
PO Box 150
Nespelem Washington 99155
T: 509.634.2200 or 1.888.881.7684
Inchelium District: 509.722.7620
Omak District: 509.422.7420
F: 509.634.4116


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