Building Resources and Innovative Development Growth and Economic Stability

BRIDGES is aimed at supporting Syilx/Okanagan youth to find success in employment or education by incorporating traditional Syilx/Okanagan training and activities through a diverse range of innovative methodologies. The program is built upon the understanding that by creating a program that is rooted in culture, our youth will experience an increase in confidence and personal strength. This project is designed for youth ages 15-30 that may require assistance before accessing standard training programs and/or educational outlets.

The BRIDGES program includes skills training, cultural activities, and on-the-land learning to explore resilience through their rich Syilx/Okanagan heritage while becoming rooted in their families, communities, and nation. Sustained employment barriers and response techniques will be identified through a culturally grounded and individually tailored approach. In the short term, we will increase the employment rates of our youth,and continue to do so over the medium and long term as the program evolves.

1 Innovative Syilx/Okanagan Methodologies
2 Individual Assessments
3 Skills Mentorship
4 Support from Industry Partners

Industry partners will provide new employment pathways, offer new and improved employee preparation, and arrange adequate supports in the workplace to ensure ongoing success of Okanagan labourers. Further, the BRIDGES team is working with academic research partners to assist in the identification of barriers and potential solutions. The data and information generated by this project will be gathered in order to adequately assess and maximize the impact of the program.

Throughout the first year of the program, the BRIDGES team will focus on:

  1. Developing core activities and curriculum
  2. Meeting with communities, community organizations, and industry partners
  3. Recruitment
  4. Developing key research components in partnership with UBC-O

Over the past year, the BRIDGES team has been building the foundation, structure, and curricula that will support our youth to embark on the BRIDGES journey. We are ready to bring our communities and youth onboard to explore dreams and aspirations of what can be.

For more information on BRIDGES events and engagements, visit us here.