38 Syilx Participants Heading to Toronto to Compete at the 2017 North American Indigenous Games

July 7th, 2017

The Okanagan Nation proudly recognizes the 38 Syilx participants from across the Territory who will be competing in the 2017 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG). All of these competitors demonstrate a high level of dedication and excellence in their sport. They have further exhibited a strong commitment to their participation and representation at NAIG through the support of their families and communities in competing in the Regional tryouts and training to represent Team BC.  We are aware of their determination to compete and vie for a spot on the Team by their fundraising efforts in order to enable their own participation. For many of these athletes NAIG will be the premier sporting event that they will participate at in their athletic careers.

There are 16 sports represented at NAIG including basketball, archery, and lacrosse, alongside many more. Of these Syilx athletes, they are in the competing in Archery, Athletics, Basketball, Lacrosse, Rifle Shooting, Softball, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

Overall, access and opportunity to play and excel in such sports competition is integral to promoting the physical, mental health and wellness of indigenous youth. It also provides an excellent opportunity to cultivate a deep sense of pride in both culture and Nation.

The 2017 NAIG will be held in Toronto, Canada, starting on July 16 with Opening Ceremonies, with the games running from the 17th until the 22nd, 2017.   This is the largest continental sporting and cultural gathering of Indigenous people, with over 5000 indigenous athletes attending. Since 1990 the event has been hosted every three years, now intermittently between Canada and the USA.

Safe travels to all those travelling to Anishinaabe Territory for NAIG. We look forward to continuing support and cheer you on from the stands and afar!

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About #Team88: In 2017 NAIG developed the hashtag #Team88 to draw more awareness to the Truth & Reconciliation Commissions articles that specifically address further support for indigenous sports programs and infrastructure. Specifically, article 88 states “We call upon all levels of government to take action to ensure long-term Aboriginal athlete development and growth, and continued support for the North American Indigenous Games, including funding to host the games and for provincial and territorial team preparation and travel”. As such, the capacity to participate at such events and further develop skills will be greatly enhanced if this article is recognized by the federal and provincial governments.



Okanagan Nation NAIG Athletes & Coaches

#Team88 #ALLONE #NAIG2017



Brandon Pierre                      U16 Male               PIB

Brooke Tanner                       U16 Female           OIB

Carter Crow                            U16 Male               LSIB

Kaxwtikn Hall-Andrew        U16 Male               OIB

Keely Tom                              U19 Female           UNB

William Hall                           U19 Male               OIB



Jacob Taylor                            U16 Male               OKIB

Sheena Louie                          U19 Female           LSIB



Corbin Marsden-Blackface   U16 Male               LSIB

Dayna Paynton                       U16 Female           WFN

Kaleb Montgomery-Reid      U14 Male               LSIB

Madison Terbasket                U19 Female           LSIB

Peter Waardenburg Jr.         U14 Male               LSIB

Phoenix Prince                       U14 Female           WFN

Sage Terbasket                       U14 Male               LSIB

Sterling Peterson                   U19 Male               LSIB

Summer De Guevara             U19 Female           WFN

Treyton Waardenburg          U19 Male               LSIB

William Casmir-Eneas            U16 Male               PIB



Jacob Brewer                          U16 Male               OKIB

Joshua Dubrett                       U19 Male              OKIB

Meadow Arcand-Squakin     U19 Female          USIB

Noah West                              U16 Male               LSIB

Reece Jones                            U19 Female           OKIB

Stephane Richard                  U19 Male               OKIB

William Brewer                      U16 Male               OKIB


Rifle Shooting

Laatya James                         U19 Female           OIB



Ethan Joe                               U19 Male               OKIB

Nakoda Parker                      U16 Male               OKIB

Sapion Joe                             U16 Male               OKIB



Fiona Lizotte                         U19 Female           OKIB



Ethan Parkinson                   Male                       OKIB


Head Coach

Peter Waardenburg            U14 Boys-Basketball


Assistant Coaches

Ashley McGinnis                  U14 Female Basketball

Cody Teichroeb                   U19 Male Lacrosse

Sonya Jensen                       Archery



Jasmine Montgomery-Reid U14 Boys Basketball


Assistant Chef de Mission

Bernard Manuel                   Team BC

*Disclaimer: This list may not be comprehensive. Please notify us of any missing Okanagan Nation participants to ensure that we have an inclusive list.

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