Okanagan River Salmonid Sampling Near You

May 27th, 2021

snpintktn (Penticton), Syilx Okanagan Territory:   Okanagan Nation Alliance Fisheries biologists will be out sampling juvenile salmonids in the Okanagan River off-channel habitats between now and the end of this June. You’ll likely spot biologists in oxbows, side channels, floodplains, and other off-channel habitat along the main river between Okanagan and Osoyoos Lakes. Biologists will be setting live capture-release fish traps, deployed during dawn to dusk, left over night, and retrieved the following day.

Off-channel habitats are aquatic areas connected to mainstream rivers for all or part of the year. These habitats are critical to the long-term survival of salmon populations. Okanagan River channelization and floodplain development have destroyed, fragmented, or significantly degraded these off-channel areas, greatly contributing to the decline of resident and ocean-going fish species. This work ultimately supports the Syilx Okanagan Nation’s efforts to restore the Okanagan River system, best summarized by the late Chief Albert Saddleman, to put back the river, bring back the fish, and put back the people.

This project is funded by the federal Indigenous Habitat Participation Program, with the support of Penticton Indian Band and Osoyoos Indian Band. The ONA is thankful for the ongoing support of Okanagan residents.

For More Information Contact:

Elinor McGrath, ONA Fisheries Biologist

Email: emcgrath@syilx.org

Phone: (250) 707-0095 ext. 102

Press Release – Spring Salmon Sampling May 27 2021

Congratulations y̓ilmixʷm ki law na Chief Clarence Louie on being named as an Honorary Degree recipient from the University of British Columbia

March 31st, 2021

tkwəɬniwt (Westbank), Syilx Okanagan Territory: It is our Syilx tradition to celebrate the achievements of our people and we would like to celebrate the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) recognition of y̓ilmixʷm ki law na, Clarence Louie, as one of UBC’s 2021 Honorary Degree recipients. Today, we acknowledge and honor ki law na for this extraordinary achievement and recognition of his contribution to the Osoyoos Indian Band and the Syilx Okanagan Nation.

UBC’s recognition stated, “Since his election in December of 1984 as Chief of the Osoyoos Indian Band of the Okanagan Nation, Clarence Joseph Louie has consistently emphasized economic development as a means to improve his people’s standard of living. Under his direction, the Band has become a multi‐faceted corporation that owns and manages eleven businesses and five joint ventures, employing approximately one thousand people. At the same time, he has consistently demonstrated his belief that First Nations leaders have a responsibility to incorporate First Nations language and culture in all socio‐economic initiatives as a means to preserve Indigenous heritage.”

Chief Louie has received numerous recognitions and awards including a number of aboriginal business awards over the years. In 2006 he was awarded the Order of British Columbia, in 2017, was named to the Order of Canada and in 2019 he was the first Indigenous inductee into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame.
On behalf of the Syilx Okanagan people, we want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to

ki law na, for his years of leadership and commitment to economic development and serving his community and Syilx Okanagan Nation for over 34 years.

Lim’ Limpt.


For More Information Contact:
Tara Montgomery, ONA Communications Lead
Email: tmontgomery@syilx.org Phone: (250) 862-6866

Chief Clarence Louie UBC Degree Media Release