15 Years of Restoring Salmon Habitat


The Okanagan Nation Alliance in collaboration with many project partners have been successfully restoring spawning and rearing habitat for salmon in the Okanagan Basin for over 15 years. Traditional Ecological Knowledge, best management practices, measured stream geometry and natural habitat features have guided these restoration works. This workshop will teach the math behind the stream analysis and hydraulics that directed the restoration designs and describe the planning, construction, monitoring methods and results.

 Workshop outline:

  • Teach the calculations behind the stream analysis, river hydraulics and pool-riffle design
  • Field visits to several habitat restoration projects
  • Show the process of implementing a river restoration project from beginning-to-end (planning, designs, construction, and adaptive management)
  • Explain the projects monitoring methods and results
  • Discussion and poster sessions: hydraulic modelling, fish habitat diversity, spawnin beds, riffles, fish passage at barriers, floodplain reconnection, wetland restoration

Course targeted to but not limited to:

  • Those designing or reviewing river instream works, particularly for salmon habitat.
  • Environmental scientists and project managers (Biologists, Engineers, Geomorphologists, Hydrologists and Fisheries Technicians).


  • Kari Alex, Camille Rivard-Sirois & Zoe Eyjolfson. Okanagan Nation Alliance Fisheries Department
  • Robert Newbury. Newbury Hydraulics

Course details:

  • Date: October 1st & 2nd, 2019
  • Location: En’owkin Centre, Penticton, BC, Canada
  • Registration fees: 750$/person.

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Event Date:
October 1-2, 2019

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Event Location:
En'owkin Centre, Penticton

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Zoe Eyjolfson, Okanagan Nation Alliance
1-250-707-0095 ext. 119