BRIDGES Social Entrepreneurship


It is recognized that with the proper training and support there are increasing opportunities for Syilx Youth to become self-employeed by using their cultural grounding to become Syilx cultural representatives.  These groups of new facilitators are an essential resource, as they are becoming the people who will deliver workshops and trainings within their communities. They have a focus on personal wellness and have good facilitation skills – or are working hard to develop them.

BRIDGES will invest in the professional development of our emerging Indigenous leaders. This investment is creating new pathways to future success for our young leaders – as well as powerful role models for community.

WHO: This training will be directed to training a pool of 10–15 Syilx youth facilitators to deliver Syilx workshops and presentations in schools and community gathering, based on our captikwl and Syilx teachings/concepts.

WHAT: Participants will gain stronger presentation skills applicable to diverse professional situations that involve engaging with Indigenous people and communities.

  • Speak well in public;
  • Build team building skills and team spirit;
  • Develop better working relationships;
  • Learn to lead and facilitate groups;
  • Engage with community; and
  • Build pride and self-esteem within themselves.

HOW: Our trainings use an Indigenous lens that honors the cultures, languages, and lands of the Nations we work with. Active outreach to local knowledge keepers helps to ground the work in local cultures and languages. Our facilitators weave language and culture into the workshops and encourage participants to gain comfort in doing the same.

The performances will be developed in partnership with the youth and include the development of curriculum, theatre performances and resources for high schools. These resources will be used with the workshops on topics such as cultural safety, cultural appreciation, Syilx heroes, strengths of our ancestor and other topics that are requested by schools and communities. This training will be provided through a one-year training program where they will learn:

  • Performances – theatre, costumes, mask-making;
  • Facilitation techniques;
  • Syilx history and concepts; and
  • Social media skills – writing, photography, filmmaking (making small books, handouts, film clips, power points, etc.).

Elders and cultural knowledge keepers will be brought into the program, as well as specialists to train, mentor and at times develop specific art based pieces and processes.

This program will be structured as weekly 4 – 5 hour sessions moving to the different communities involved plus weekend retreats 4 times/year plus artistic/creative support.

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