Salmon Ceremonies


Honoring Our Ancestors & Praying for the Salmon

We honor our ancestors with this annual ceremony in which we gather in two separate locations along the Columbia River to help pray for the return of the salmon, one on the United States side and one on the Canadian side. This two-day event starts at Kettle Falls, Washington which is organized by the Inchelium Language House Association and with the next day taking place in Castlegar, BC. These locations were chosen for their traditional location our people used to gather at to fish. Both these days start by gathering along the banks of the river to pray for the return of the fish which is then followed by a lunch and giveaway. Everyone is welcome to attend, so please bring your drum and help us pray for the return of the salmon. Registration is not needed.


This year, there will be the following ceremonies in total:

June 16-22, 2018   Canoe Journey from Castlegar to Kettle Falls

June 22, 2018         Kettle Falls Salmon Ceremony & Canoe Journey

June 23, 2018         Castlegar Salmon Ceremony

June 24, 2018         Revelstoke Salmon Ceremony

June 25, 2018         McIntyre Dam Salmon Ceremony

June 26, 2018         Enloe Dam Salmon Ceremony

Event Sponsors:

Partnered with the Inchelium Language House Association for Kettle Falls Ceremony

Event Date:
June 21-26, 2017

Event Time:
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Event Location:
Multiple locations on Syilx Territory

Event Map:


For more information for Castlegar and Revelstoke, please contact:
Tara Montgomery, Communications Lead
T: (250) 707-0095 ext. 120

For more information for Kettle Falls, please contact:
Stevey Seymour, Inchelium Language House
T: (509) 680-2157

For more information for Enloe Dam, please contact:
Rob Edward