Fish in Schools (FinS)


ONA’s Fish in Schools program is one of the key fish education programs for youth in the region, particularly the Sockeye salmon, so that students may become future advocates for both salmon and their habitat.

Since 2003 Okanagan Nation Alliance’s FinS (Fish in Schools, previously S2S-Stream to Sea) in-class program has been educating regional students and teachers about the salmon lifecycle and the importance of their ecosystem so that they may become future advocates for both salmon and their habitat. FinS supplies the necessary equipment and support needed for students to raise from egg to fry stage. ONA provides a 29 Gallon tank with cover, stand/cart, aquarium chiller, and start up supplies; gravel, filters, filter replacements, siphon, insulated cover, thermometer, water conditioners as well as the salmon spawn.

Beginning in mid-January, ONA staff delivered the fertilized eggs to the participating schools and explain the lifecycle and habitat requirements to the students. We also explain the external physical attributes of both male and female Sockeye and answer any questions. Once the eggs have hatched, and buttoned up, the fry will be fed daily until ready for release. During incubation and rearing, the tank will be monitored to ensure that water and temperatures are within the healthy limits for raising sockeye.

School Districts 8, 10, 20, and 51, Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, and Regional District of Central Kootenay

  1. Christina Lake Elementary
  2. Glenmerry Elementary
  3. Hutton Elementary
  4. Kinnaird Elementary
  5. Lucerne Elementary
  6. Robson Community School
  7. Salmo Elementary
  8. South Nelson Elementary
  9. Twin Rivers Elementary
  10. Sentinel Secondary
  11. E. Graham Community School
  12. Fruitvale Elementary
  13. James E. Webster Elementary
  14. Rossland Summit School
  15. Hume Elementary
  16. Michael’s Catholic School
  17. Ecole des Sentiers-alpins
  18. Christina Lake Stewardship Society

In the Okanagan Sub-basin FinS continues to be offered at:

  1. OK Falls Elementary
  2. Oliver Elementary
  3. Osoyoos Elementary
  4. Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary
  5. Senpokchin Elementary
  6. Outma School
  7. Cawston Primary
  8. Columbia Elementary
  9. Wiltse Elementary
  10. Little Paws Daycare
  11. Ntamqen School
  12. South Okanagan Secondary School
  13. John Allison Elementary
  14. Casorso Elementary School
  15. Penticton Excel K-12 Learning Centre
  16. Ellison Elementary
  17. Alexis Park Elementary
  18. Sensisyusten
  19. Enowkin Center
  20. Osoyoos Secondary
  21. Queens Park Elementary,
  22. West Bench Elementary,
  23. KVR Middle School
  24. Kaleden Elementary
  25. Penticton Museum and Archives
  26. Oliver Correctional Facility

When the sockeye fry are ready, they will be transferred to the Penticton Channel where they will be released with the rest of the Hatchery fry at the Annual ONA Sockeye Fry Release.

Event Date:
January-May Annually

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