Grandmothers Gathering


Calling Syilx Grandmothers who are passionate about working with children and families to reclaim and restore Syilx family ways of being.

This event is an opportunity for Grandmothers within the Syilx Okanagan Nation to gather and focus on familial roles, Nation needs, and traditional models of child-raising in today’s world.  Grandmothers will identify training and capacity needs within the Nation, define and reclaim family roles and responsibilities, and connect with one another.

Syilx Grandmothers have an inherent role and responsibility to strengthen/teach the practice of Syilx traditions, culture and language. Following Phase II, and Phase IV of the Grandmothers Group Strategy, this event includes Nation and community relationship development and initial steps to the development of a Grandmothers Group Work Plan.

Open to all Syilx Nation Grandmothers | Spaces are limited

Syilx Grandmothers Gathering Poster 2023
Syilx Grandmothers Gathering Agenda


Event Date:
April 05 - 06, 2023

Event Location:
Hotel Eldorado

Event Map:


Lisa Hotte, Child and Family Community Planner