Spirit of Syilx Youth Unity Run


We run for our people and our land

Between 140 and 200 participants will come together over the 4 day event, with a minimum of 100 partakers joining for the entire 4 days. Based on the previous years, the average age of runners will be in between the ages of 14 and 18 years of age, with the youngest runner being 5 and the oldest in their 60’s.  The majority of the runners will be members of Okanagan Nation communities who are chaperoned by designated community members. If you have youth that would like to participate please contact your local member community youth worker or Wellness/Health department. If you would like to bring your own youth or yourselves please register directly with the ONA.

The event if free to participate, the run is covered through programs and donations.  Each participant will also get a free t-shirt for participating.

The Unity Run kicks off on the Thursday with a ceremony where they finished the 2017 run. Runners will spend the next three days running south west towards Lumby and Vernon. Every evening, the participants will lodge together in shared accommodations such as community halls, schools or some form of community facility. All meals will be provided for all participants including those that run and those that are there to support the runners. Cultural support will be a part of the run to assist with the implementation of Syilx teachings, cultural practices and to provide guidance to the youth. A closing ceremony will take place on Sunday May 13, 2018.

Registration is required for safety, accommodation and meal counts.


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Event Sponsors:

Funding for the run comes from various sources including program funding, member communities, and other sponsor requests. This event is supported by the Okanagan Nation Response Team (ONRT) and the Aboriginal RCMP.

Save the Date UR 2018

Event Date:
Friday May 10 to
Sunday May 13, 2018

Event Time:
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm (TBD)

Event Location:
Revelstoke, BC to Vernon

For more information,
please contact:
Dominique Alexis,
Events Planner
T: (250) 707-0095 ext. 233
E: dalexis@syilx.org