Stories from the Land: A Digital Media Summer Intensive


Raising our voices. Telling our own stories. This ONA Bridges 4-day training program is about reclaiming who we are as Syilx people by connecting to the land and holding the pens—and video cameras—so we can develop new ways of speaking. Participants will have the support of this inspiring line up of mentors: Damien Eagle Bear, Shayla Allison, Billie Kruger, and Madeline Terbasket.

As illustrated in this video, participants of this training can have fun being on the land AND learn some social media skills based on their interests:

  • Filmmaking skills: how to conduct interviews, use a video camera, create a storyline, make a short documentary. Even video editing skills.
  • Podcasting skills: how to use audio recorders, conduct interviews, write and narrate short stories.
  • Photography skills: using cameras, adding graphics, making posters or storybooks.


IndigenEYEZ uses a fun and engaging process in all their trainings with the goal of creating a safe space to express yourself, your passions, and interests. Woven throughout each day will be theatre and storytelling to foster character development for the films and podcasts. Depending on the characters that the participants decide to use as the narrators, there could also be a puppetry or mask-making and costume design aspect as well.

Please wear comfortable clothing and good walking shoes each day as some land-based activities will be included. Water bottles and your own snacks are recommended (in case you don’t like the ones we provide).

Lunch provided

Monday, July 9th

The training program will start on the land with the Bridges nature walk to the waterfalls in Oliver. Participants will work in teams as they film and take photos with the intention of “sharpening their lens” on the content and message they want to communicate.  Back at Enowk’in in the afternoon, we will finish off the day reviewing and giving each other feedback on the footage that the groups gathered.

Tuesday, July 10th

The morning is about getting comfortable together as a group and exploring topics of interest that relate to our journey as Syilx peoples. What issues and topics am I interested in exploring about my culture and community? The afternoon will include some technical skill building such as interview questions and how to conduct an interview, as well as creative skill building through character development, clowning, and storytelling.

Wednesday, July 11th & Thursday, July 12th

These two days are about moving the small group and individual projects through the stages of their development. All the mentors will be there to support and mentor each participant. The day will start and end with fun teambuilding processes which will be woven throughout this day, but the main focus will be hands-on activities. In one group participants might conduct interviews. In another, they might be making masks for captikwł characters they want to use in their short documentary. The other group might be creating podcasts. By the end of Thursday afternoon, the groups will share their projects with one another, debrief the experience, and make plans for next steps.

Friday, July 13 to Sunday, July 15th

Participants will be encouraged to join mentors on the Mountain Top Three camping trip to Nickle Plate so that they can practice their new skills and continue working on their projects out on the land. All the mentors will be available at this camp to support skill building and project development.

The participating youth will also be eligible to receive weekly mentorship and guidance from this team of mentors on their projects. This includes small group sessions or one-on-one as required depending on the individual and their project. The goal is to hold ongoing workshops throughout the year. This will build a network of filmmakers and social media technicians in our Nation and get our stories out into the world!

Event Date:
June 9-12, 2017

Event Time:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Event Location:
En'owkin Center

Event Map:

To register contact: Sally Holmes, BRIDGES Skills Mentor
T: 250.300.6581