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Open invitation to all practicing Syilx artists!

The attached Chiefs’ Statement ‘Strengthening Our Syilx Nation, Creating a Syilx Constitution Together’, approved December 12, 2018, outlines the commitment of the Chiefs Executive Council (CEC) to launch the Syilx Nation Rebuilding initiative, beginning with a community‐led process to create a Syilx Constitution. The CEC directs that this vital work and mobilization be put into action. Aboriginal Title and Rights are collectively held at the Nation level, as we’ve always known and practiced.

We have a tradition of consensus building. We must all be involved in determining the future of our Nation. Syilx people will only ratify change, and change that will be meaningful and effective, if we as Syilx citizens are fully engaged in reaffirming our laws and rebuilding our Nation’s government. Just as we’ve been able draw on our traditional ways of knowing and governance to bring back the salmon to our territory, we must call upon the vision, values and voices – the wisdom of all Syilx citizens, to renew and
carry us forward in this Nation rebuilding process.

To help inform the Syilx Nation Rising! Nation Rebuilding Initiative, practicing Syilx artists are invited to participate in a forum specifically for Syilx artists. Positive change and strengthening relationships begins with a conversation. Join visual artists, poets, writers, video producers, storytellers and diverse other Syilx artists to learn more about and contribute your ideas to this important project. You will be asked for your input and views on such questions as:

  • What Syilx values can inform this Nation Rebuilding communications and community engagement process?
  • What are effective creative ways to inspire communicate with and engage Syilx citizens and communities in this endeavor?
  • How can we work together across our communities and within our families to encourage strong, inclusive engagement in continuous dialogue and collective visioning?

This will be a highly participatory exchange guided by skilled Syilx facilitators. Your commitment to attend and participate in the full day is requested.

Syilx Chiefs Statement – Strengthening Our Syilx Nation

Artist Forum Registration Form

Artists Forum – Invitation


Event Date:
April 6, 2019

Event Time:
9 am - 5 pm

Event Location:
The Cove Lakeside Resort, Westbank, BC

Event Map:

Register with: Charlotte Armstrong
Tel: 250.707.0095 ext. 208