Syilx Men’s Wellness Gathering


sqəl̓tmixʷ coming together

The YES Program aims to support Syilx Okanagan members who are dealing with the impacts of family violence. The Men’s Wellness Gathering creates space for men to gather on the land to discuss their roles and responsibilities in keeping our women and girls safe. It is a safe space for men to share openly and to discuss men’s issues freely, developing a spirit of comradery and nationhood.

This event is important because men have gender specific issues and goals that need to be planned and developed in hopes of decreasing violence within our communities. The outcome is a commitment to protect our women and girls and to live violence free. This aligns with YES program deliverables and the need for men’s programming.


Event Date:
March 10-12, 2023

Raven Mikuletic, Communications Coordinator

250-707-0095 ext 121