Wellness Forum


“We are all connected”
kʷu­­‿ yʕayʕat kʷu‿cq̓əɬiliʔs

Taking care of our community and Nation

The Wellness Forum arose from the Okanagan Nation Alliance’s Wellness Department as a platform to connect with the Nation’s community members, health care workers and frontline staff and provide them with an opportunity to learn and connect with one another. The Wellness Forum is held over two days in a location that rotates throughout the communities and offers a chance to participate in self-care activities, crafts and workshops that are geared towards promoting and celebrating our wellness. Connect with community members in an open environment of wellbeing and culture while learning more about how our Wellness Department’s programs can help you and win some great prizes!

This event is free of cost to attend and only requires registration to allow us to account for space and meals. Please note that child care and accommodation is not covered.

Registration: https://forms.gle/EyVzouidAozq38L7A

Vendor Application: https://forms.gle/vsDzevk62aYwM8ut7

Wellness Forum Agenda

Event Date:
November 20-21, 2019

Event Location:
Penticton, BC

Event Map:


For more information, please contact:

Taylor Carpenter, Events Planner

T: 250 707 0095 ext. 233

E: tcarpenter@syilx.org