Procurement Working Group


The ONA Energy Executive Committee (EEC) has been formed by the ONA to formalize and implement the Enduring Relationship. The EEC has endorsed the creating of a Procurement Working Group (PWG) to develop the Procurement strategy for the Relationship Plan.  This document lays out the draft terms of reference of the Procurement Working Group.


The purpose of the EEC (PWG) is to work to collaboratively devise and make recommendations on the strategy and approach, development of procurement target, and implementation to maximize the procurement opportunities from BC Hydro.  All recommendations developed by the Procurement Working Group will be brought back to the EEC for review and endorsement.

Roles and Responsibility

The Syilx Business Development Specialist in collaboration with BC Hydro’s relationship lead for the Enduring Relationship will notify the Procurement Working Group members of emerging BC Hydro procurement opportunities within the Syilx/Okanagan Territory.

Procurement Working Group Members:  will work directly with Syilx Business Development Specialist, BC Hydro and external contractors to support partnerships, joint ventures and foster working relationships to realize procurement opportunities that are derived out of BC Hydro’s 10-year Capital, Operational and Maintenance Plans. This work must include developing a communications network with contractors within their given community. Additionally, the PWG member must be responsive to BC Hydro procurement opportunities referred by Syilx Business Development Specialist.

Enduring Relationship Outcomes, Additional information to be added under Training and Procurement.

  • Nicola Substation Security Fence Contract finished in August 2019. Completed by Hi-Trax (ONA Contractor and Progressive Fence.
  • Stoyoma Mtn. Falling Ltd and Asplundh Canada completed Vegetation Maintenance Contract in July 2019.
  • Mica Reactor Replacement Project, OKIB and Quantem Environmental Services. Contract completed September 2019.