Energy Executive Committee

The Energy Executive Committee (EEC) is a Chiefs Executive Council (CEC) sub-committee responsible for overseeing the Syilx/Okanagan Nation’s relationship with BC Hydro ensuring that it continues to evolve and progress. These EEC Chiefs work directly with BC Hydro executives and through an EEC Working Group on a regular basis to monitor progress, resolve issues and overcome any barriers that may arise.

The Energy Executive Committee is chaired by Chief Clarence Louie with CEC representatives for the major project initiatives as Chief Byron Louis (OKIB) and Raf DeGuevara(WFN)as full participants.

The mandate of the EEC is to oversee all daily matters related to the operations of BC Hydro and other energy companies on the territory and to make recommendations to the CEC for decisions. They monitor the important technical work done by their often Band-led Project Review Committees reviewing the data necessary for the CEC to make decisions on BC Hydro’s major projects on the territory.

Looking at the big picture that includes the past, present, and future is critical in ensuring the Okanagan Nation’s needs are met.