As Syilx people, gathering together for an event is a time honored tradition. From gathering together for storytelling in the winters or in the summers to fish, events continue to hold an important role in our daily lives.

Continuation of multicommunal social institutions of interaction, of kinship, gathering, and practicing activities language and ceremony is a vital contribution in today’s day and age, building or enhancing relationship support and help and identity for all involved. The concept of getting to know the land and each other is a long-term practice in health and well-being in all aspects of traditional land management and self-care.

These community focused events help encourage and instill cultural teachings, education and awareness for the Nation and the public, build success in terms of understanding cultural identity through holistic occasions such as the Unity Run, R’Native Voice, and Youth Leadership gathering. These events give cause to ignite the spark and passion in the journey that youth, women, men, and elders transition through.


Workshops and Training

20 Years of Restoring Salmon Habitat

The Okanagan Nation Alliance in collaboration with many project partners have been successfully restoring spawning and rearing habitat for salmon in the Okanagan Basin for over 15 years. Traditional Ecological Knowledge, best management practices, measured stream geometry and natural habitat features have guided these restoration works. This workshop will teach the math behind the stream […]

Upcoming Events

Syilx Columbia River Treaty (CRT) Webinar July 29, 2020

Join us for an informative webinar on the Columbia River Treaty (CRT) and the role of the Syilx Okanagan Nation in its renegotiation between Canada and the U.S. Topics will include: What is the CRT? What are the re-negotiations? What is the role and vision of the Syilx Okanagan Nation? CRT Webinar Poster register here: […]

Spirit of Syilx Youth Unity Run June 3-7, 2020

The Unity Run kicks off on the Thursday with a ceremony. Between 140 and 200 participants will come together over the 4 day...

Syilx Wellbeing: Nation Drug Forum August 31, 2020

The Syilx Nation Drug Forum is an annual event to create space for sharing of information, resources, tools, stories and personal experiences related to drug and alcohol use. This will be the fourth Nation Drug Forum in response to the opioid drug crisis and will focus on bringing awareness to overdose. This will be a […]


Broodstock Tours

As part of the kł cp̓əlk̓ stim̓ initiative, ONA has been beach seining and collecting eggs and milt from adult Sockeye in the Okanagan River for rearing and release into Skaha Lake. Since...

Hatchery Tours

The kł cp̓əlk̓ stim̓ Hatchery is a testament to the perseverance of the Syilx/Okanagan people to realize their dream of restoring the n’titxw (Chief Salmon) – one of our Four...

Syilx Nation Rising

Syilx Artists Forum

Open invitation to all practicing Syilx artists! The attached Chiefs’ Statement ‘Strengthening Our Syilx Nation, Creating a Syilx Constitution Together’, approved December 12, 2018, outlines the commitment of the Chiefs Executive Council (CEC) to launch the Syilx Nation Rebuilding initiative, beginning with a community‐led process to create a Syilx Constitution. The CEC directs that this […]

Nation Rebuilding Focus Group

A diverse cross-section of Syilx Nation members will come together on to share their views in an initial focus group to help inform the launch of the Syilx Nation Rising! Nation Rebuilding initiative. The Chiefs Executive Council has mandated that a community-led process to create a Syilx Constitution begin, as a vital step in rebuilding […]

Programs in Community

Kwu x̌ast

Kwu x̌ast is a pilot prevention program that creates a space for children to safely express and explore their creativity through a variety of art forms and settings. Participants will at times work in one large...

RNative Voice

R’Native Voice is a youth mental health program for ages 12-18 and is a prevention program to reduce drug use, incidence of suicide, depression and community violence...

Fish In Schools (FinS)

ONA’s Fish in Schools program is one of the key fish education programs for youth in the region, particularly the Sockeye salmon, so that students may become future advocates for both salmon...

Past Events

Okanagan Nation Fisheries Forum

The Okanagan Nation Fisheries Forum is open to all Okanagan Nation members and will address a wide range of issues relating to the Nation’s fisheries work, from food, harvest, management and protection to economics. Please join us for a day of poster presentations and networking, followed by World Café’s facilitation for engagement and outcomes. Fisheries […]



Strengthening Our Youth Workshop – WFN

Support our youth to fill their basket! Learn methods on how to support youth to identify their own goals and dreams – which will in turn build their resiliency and help them to think about a career and/or job path. Outcomes: snqsilxw : strengthening our connections around our youth Build a commUNITY of support and […]

Annual Events

Cancelled: Water Forum Cancelled

The Water Forums is a gathering of the community to showcase the work completed through the Natural Resource Department’s Community Water Forum Project. The...

Elder and Youth Gathering TBD

The Elder and Youth Gathering is held annually as a platform for relationship building, knowledge transfer and nation building between our elders and youth. The participants come...

Syilx Early Years Gathering TBD

I? scmala?tet The Early Years Gathering provides opportunity for Aboriginal Early Childhood professionals to engage in a manner that can contribute to capacity building and resource...

Spirit of Syilx Youth Unity Run June 3-7, 2020

The Unity Run kicks off on the Thursday with a ceremony. Between 140 and 200 participants will come together over the 4 day...

Sockeye Fry Release TBD

This ceremonial release of 10,000 Okanagan Sockeye fry takes place by members of the Okanagan Nation and over 430 students from local schools so that kł cp̓əlk̓ stim̓ (cause to come back) will...

Salmon Ceremonies TBA

We honor our ancestors with this annual ceremony in which we gather in two separate locations along the Columbia River to help pray for the return of the salmon, one on the United States...

Border Crossing Canoe Paddle TBD

Okanagan Nation Alliance is pround to support this grassroots movement. This is not an Okanagn Nation Alliance event but an event hosted and created by the Okanagan people themselves to practice our right to cross the border as outlined in The Jay Treaty. It was first created in 1999 and the participants paddle from the […]

Annual General Assembly & Youth Leadership Gathering TBD

More than 200 people from across the Nation participate in this celebration that focused on the Nations accomplishments and provided an opportunity for community members to ...

Wellness Forum November 20-21, 2019

The Wellness Forum arose from the Okanagan Nation Alliance’s Wellness Department as a platform to connect with the nation’s community members, health care workers and frontline...