Lower Columbia River Juvenile Pike Suppression

Project Overview:

This project directly and indirectly aids in the eradication of northern pike, and provides information for future management of this aquatic invasive species. This project also contributes to maintaining aquatic health and biodiversity in this important river system.

Project Goals:

Document juvenile Northern Pike presence and distribution within the lower Columbia River, focused to the confluence of the Kootenay River. Determine habitat preferences (water depth, temperature, dissolved oxygen, flow, conductivity, etc.) of juvenile Northern Pike in this area. Determine juvenile Pike diet composition. Remove and euthanize all captured northern Pike from the Columbia River system.

Project Plan:

Conduct 15 sampling days targeting Northern Pike using 6-10 fyke nets and beach seines per sample in the spring/summer of 2016. Sites will be selected based on known preferences of juvenile Pike and known adult locations. Random sites will be selected for comparison. Record habitat characteristics in sites where pike are/are not captured, and conduct stomach content identification in lab.


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Project Progress/Status:

2017 In-Season

Project Team:

Project Lead – Mike Zimmer

Project Partnerships:

Columbia Basin Trust