Reclaiming and restoring Syilx ways of being and knowing (world view) through the development of holistic wellness programs and services grounded in a Syilx-centered framework.

– ONA Wellness Mission Statement

For Syilx People, Wellness is holistic and interconnected. Under the mandate of the Chiefs’ Executive Council (CEC) and the guidance of the ONA Wellness Committee the ONA continues to work towards and support the safety, health and wellbeing of our children, families, communities and land.

The ONA Wellness team continually develops and enhances the services and programs offered to our communities. In addition to the direct services/programs offered, the Wellness team builds individual and community capacity, provides training opportunities and facilitates resource development and sharing within and between the team and the member communities.

ONA strives to provide quality services using a holistic, integrated approach with a Quality Assurance model. The Wellness Committee has developed four strategic priorities helps to inform some guiding principles.

Strategic Priorities
1. Mental Wellness & Substance Misuse
2. Increase Access to Primary Care
3. Elders Care
4. Children & Youth

These strategies help to inform some guiding principles in the Wellness team approach and delivery of initiatives and programs. The Wellness principles include traditional wellness, improving health governance and relationship building, capacity building, and funding sustainability.

ONA Wellness continues to work toward implementing the Chiefs’ Executive Council (CEC) Business Plan priorities:

  • To improve the health, well-being, safety and quality of life of Okanagan Nation community members
  • Implement Syilx law into governance and operations planning, and
  • Preservation of Syilx laws, culture, language and education

Project Highlights

Kwu x̌ast

Kwu x̌ast is a pilot prevention program that creates a space for children to safely express and explore their creativity through a variety of art forms and settings. Participants will at times work in one large…

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Community Commemorative Monuments Project

A Nation Monument – located on the Penticton Indian Band reserve The Nation Monument is to commemorate all former Syilx Indian Residential school students. Its design and location has stemmed from the TRC Elders Council. The location for the monument is on the Penticton Indian Band lands, in front of the Okanagan Nation Hatchery building. […]

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RNative Voice

R’Native Voice is a youth mental health program for ages 12-18 and is a prevention program to reduce drug use, incidence of suicide, depression and community violence…

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