Syilx Early Years

“Our children are our roots and everything we teach them is their responsibility to carry on.”

The Syilx Early Years (SEY) program has been in development since early 2011 and is funded by BC Ministry of Family and Child Development (MFCD). A Syilx Aboriginal Early Childhood Development (AECD) Strategy has been created and plans for implementations are underway. The SEY Lead provides support for front-line staff and coordination of cultural and language materials for the Aboriginal Early Childhood programs within the Okanagan territory. Such supports include training pertaining to childhood development, as well as assisting in the development of these resources to ensure an Indigenous education for our young. The SEY Lead is in charge of building relationships in the territory between Aboriginal and mainstream programming, to create partnerships and identify areas of need and future funding opportunities.

The SEY Lead also supports the En’owkin Centre’s Syilx ECD certificate program.

How do I access the Syilx Early Year Lead’s service?

By contacting the Syilx Early Years Lead

T 250 707 0095 ext. 225

F 250 707 0166

C 250 470 7048