Syilx Indian Residental School

In 2014 the Okanagan Chiefs’ Executive Council passed a tribal council resolution calling for more supports and the development of a Nation strategy for healing from residential school impacts. This program provides community information on Syilx residential school impacts, and next steps towards wellness for residential school attendees and their families through community workshops, information sessions, healing circles, and individual and family support groups. SIRSSL serves all seven communities within the Okanagan Nation, and works with surrounding organizations to increase service accessibility.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Develop and maintain Syilx Indian
  • Residential School Committee.
  • Create a Nation Strategy for Indian
  • Residential School Healing.
  • Gather and share information with the seven
  • Okanagan communities on Syilx Indian
  • Residential School impacts and healing.
  • Increase access to support services for former
  • Indian Residential School students and their families.
  • Resource development and promotion.

What kind of direct service can I get?

  • Individual, family or group outreach services: family circles, referrals, planning and support.
  • Communities: workshops and information sessions, and training on residential school.

How do I access the Syilx Indian Residential School Support Lead?

The SIRRL can be contacted by a community member requesting support for any issue relating to Indian Residential Schools. In addition, the SIRRL will regularly contact each community in order to work collaboratively for scheduling workshops, and to plan for the specific needs of each community.