YES (You Empowered & Strong)

The YES (You Empowered & Strong) Program is an Aboriginal Community Safety Development project that addresses the need for community-based solution for families who have to deal with the harmful impacts of family violence. Each community will determine how they provide the service based on individual community needs. Building relationships within community to support capacity building. Training opportunities will be available to communities to enhance knowledge around family violence and its impacts, personal safety, trauma informed practice among others.


Made up of formal or informal community leaders and natural caregiver volunteers to be trained and will partner with You Empowered & Strong Program and Community Coordinator. They will monitor, mentor, support and respond to disclosures and facilitate help for families at risk.

Community members identified will be supported though ongoing training and will work collaboratively to tailor response in each community.

Local Area family violence Group:

A partnership of service providers and crisis specialists who are active members of social services, health, legal and protection professionals will work closely with members of the CCC to support strong and ongoing capacity within communities.


Establishment of culturally appropriate and on-going traditional and culturally appropriate healing activities to help vulnerable families become more resilient to adversity.

YES Program Pamphlet

For information contact the Program Coordinator.